About The Qumas AI

Founded in 2015, the team has developed an intuitive, scalable, and reliable platform that is simple to use, and has very low fees. You will also benefit from world-class security that keeps your data secure. The platform's team has developed Qumas AI because they want to make trading simple for all.

Enabling Simple Access to Reliable Cryptocurrency Trading Insights and Strategies

It requires plenty of time, strong experience, and in-depth knowledge to efficiently trade and invest in various crypto assets and coins, such as Ripple and Bitcoin. This is where Qumas AI comes into the picture. The trading platform provides access to insightful crypto trading trends, insights, strategies, and indices designed by market experts and finance professionals from leading investment firms and other financial institutions.

With Qumas AI, you can select the trading strategies and tactics and simply place orders on your favorite exchange. The professional support staff at Qumas AI is always ready to assist you.

The team at Qumas AI is on its way to continuously improve your cryptocurrency trading and investing journey by sharing its expertise and knowledge through advanced insights, reports, charts, diversified strategies, and rich, sharp content.

The Team's Mission

The mission of the platform's team is to expand and simplify access to the digital asset and cryptocurrency ecosystem by pioneering new financial services and insights that provide traders and investors with transparency and trust when accessing this new and dynamic asset class.

The Team's Values


The team at Qumas AI is known for its dedication and professionalism. Don't trust words; trust many years of proven experience and expertise.


Beyond providing users with valuable charts, reports, and strategies, the team at Qumas AI strives to provide users with all the information they need to be on top of their game, regardless of their current level of knowledge and expertise.